About Us
In 2003, Tami Marek-Loper and Fuzzy Marek, owners of The Marek Group, started an adult jigsaw puzzle company. Manufacturing puzzles for many puzzle companies around the country but losing work to China, the duo decided to take matters into their own hands. And as they say, "the rest is history".

Today Serendipity Puzzle Company is the fastest growing puzzle company in North America expanding from a standard jigsaw puzzle line to innovative puzzle products and now games. The Serendipity team is headquartered in the manufacturing facility of The Marek Group, allowing creative and strategic ideas to flow. Out of that facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the manufacturing and distribution are facilitated.

Watch for our products that are taking the industry by storm:

  • Adult jigsaw puzzles with licensed artists and premier manufacturing processes to ensure the highest quality product in the industry
  • Personalized high quality puzzles made from photos uploaded by our customers
  • Puzzle clock kits are large working clocks made with vibrant jigsaw puzzles
  • Home decor puzzle kits include puzzles, glue and elegant frame
  • Unique packaging such as tins and paint buckets
  • Unique artists, such as Dan Dunn, creating a puzzle experience like none other
  • Digital puzzles for interactive puzzle entertainment